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Driver Pinned Under A Semi-Truck

Driver Pinned Under A Semi-Truck

A truck driver was recently pinned underneath a semi-truck for hours when their vehicle became lodged under the truck. Debris from the crash scattered across the roadway and damaged many other vehicles on both the northbound and southbound sides of the highway. It then took rescue crews two-hours to work on freeing the pinned driver. Emergency personnel were forced to use several different tools that are not normally used in an accident. After several hours of hard work, they were able to free the driver.

The driver had to be taken to the hospital. They suffered severe injuries, mostly to their face. They are currently in critical condition. The driver appears to have had some sort of collision with the backend of a Fed-Ex truck, where their own vehicle became lodged underneath the backend. There are no reports at this time as to why that happened. The incident took place in the early morning hours. It is important to note that the area in which this accident occurred was unlit, therefore the accident occurred in the dark. The driver of the semi-truck did not suffer any injuries. The debris in the roadway damaged other vehicles, but it did not cause other accidents.

As a truck driver, something like this can be a scary experience. Who is at fault? How do you find legal resources? We can help.

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