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New York Box Truck Accident Causes Leg Injury

New York Box Truck Accident Causes Leg Injury

A crash occurred on April 9, 2023 between an Upper East Side box truck and a van. The New York truck accident happened at the intersection of 66th Street and Second Avenue. New York City police state that the accident unfolded at approximately 10:30 in the morning during the week on a Tuesday. A gentleman had exited his van when he was hit by a box truck. The man’s leg was crushed, leaving him with serious injuries. Paramedics were called and arrived at the scene to assist the victim with medical treatment. The man was transported to Weill Cornell Medical Center for further care. Without the past few years, studies show that more than a dozen other accidents have also occurred at this intersection.

Pedestrians in particular are vulnerable to injury if struck by a truck, especially considering that they lack the outer protection that enclosed vehicles provide and are more likely to be overlooked by drivers. Truck drivers have an obligation to the public to use care and avoid hitting pedestrians, domestic animals, and bicyclists who are in the roadway. A driver who doesn’t reduce their speed or engages in reckless behavior could find themselves with a negligence claim against them to pay for the victim’s losses. Injuries sustained from truck accidents tend to be severe, since these types of vehicles are often larger and weigh more than your everyday passenger car. It is common for people in truck accidents to suffer from leg injury, broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain injuries, and mental trauma. 

As in the example described above, it was a box truck driver who had apparently not seen the driver exiting his van, or had failed to properly look out for pedestrians. At Truck Law, we have seen just how badly people can get injured when truck drivers fail at their duty to practice safe driving and do not watch out for the safety of others. Many victims have injuries that become life-altering and they may not be able to go back to work or the life they had prior. With assistance from a legal professional, you can seek financial recourse for what you have endured by filing a bodily injury claim. Our team consists of a network of independent attorneys who share the same approaches to truck law and know how to help those who have become victims in truck-related accidents. We have represented thousands of personal injury cases for victims, and can come to your aid immediately. 

Trying to pay off the medical expenses and property damage after a truck accident can result in financial difficulties for the victim, which is unfair considering that the truck driver may have been the one to cause the incident to happen in the first place. We firmly believe that victims should not have to pay out of their own pocket for losses accrued from an accident, when they were simply at the wrong place at the worst time. If you want to learn more about compensation after a truck accident, reach out to us as soon as possible.