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Truck Driver Plows Into Florida Laundromat

Truck Driver Plows Into Florida Laundromat

Florida Highway Patrol had to respond to a semi-truck accident on April 4, 2023 in Lafayette County, Florida. The incident happened on a Tuesday morning at around 6:30 a.m. The semi had crashed into Mayo Laundromat and other vehicles in the parking lot were heavily damaged. According to reports from FHP, the semi-truck had been traveling south in Mayon on U.S. 27. For reasons that are unknown, the semi-truck had not taken a turn to travel on the west shoulder, which led it to hitting a utility pole. The semi truck continued to travel in that direction until it crashed into half a dozen cars and a golf cart parked in an auto repair shop. 

Three parked cars were struck, and then the truck had driven into Mayo Laundromat, located at 273 W Main Street in Mayo, Florida. The building sustained substantial damages. The driver, a 52 year old resident from Jacksonville, had to be transported to Live Oak for treatment at HCA Hospital. The truck driver’s injuries were minor. 

In the news report provided here, there are several unknowns. Why did the truck not only hit several parked cars, but also continue into a laundromat building before stopping? Did the trucker fall asleep or have a medical emergency behind the wheel? Or was there a brake or mechanical failure despite the trucker’s best intentions to halt? These are examples of questions that the team at Truck Law can answer after performing our own investigation into the incident. Depending on the contributing factors, a Florida truck accident can result in severe property damage and personal injury. Thankfully, in the Florida laundromat accident, no one seemed to have been seriously harmed. 

If you were injured or incurred financial loss from property damage after a truck accident, then it’s a wise choice to consider talking with a legal team. Many people do not realize that they are entitled to financial compensation for what they have been through. Did a trucker hit you on the road and now your car is wrecked and you have medical bills piling up? That is something we can relentlessly help you resolve. We have represented countless victims who were harmed because of a truck accident. If this sounds like what you or your loved one is currently going through, then please reach out to us without delay. There is evidence to gather and evaluate, damages to calculate, and a realistic assessment of fault.

You can trust that we are on your side every step of the way. Frankly, when we intervene to help a client, that is when insurance companies tend to become more cooperative and fair, since they know we cannot be taken advantage of. We have knowledge of the insurance and legal system, and are aware of the ways innocent claimants are not given what they deserve after going through such a traumatic event. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for what you didn’t cause. So please call us or email today so we can protect and advocate for you.