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What Makes A Truck Safe?

What Makes A Truck Safe?

Truck accidents result in many devastating types of injuries that can take months of recovery time. Victims of truck accidents often face many expenses in medical bills, property damage, and months of lost wages. Truck safety involves many different elements, from skilled and responsible drivers to manufacturing companies that make sure all trucks are road-safe and free of defects. To prevent accidents from occurring, there are many responsible parties who must check that trucks can be driven safely. Ensuring truck safety demands examining several different areas to keep preventable accidents from occurring. 

Detailed Inspections

Trucks must go through routine and in-depth inspections. They are subject to strict regulations determined by state and federal law. For example, commercial trucks of 10,001 pounds or greater that are driven in California must undergo an annual inspection, as dictated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). If a truck misses even one required inspection, it can increase the chances of an accident occurring. Regular inspections help to keep trucks in top condition. Companies that do not meet compliance standards can face charges for failing to make sure that their trucks are inspected. 

Regular Maintenance

To prevent accidents and determine that a truck can be safely operated on roads, they must receive frequent maintenance. Old or faulty parts must be replaced so that they will not wear out and potentially cause an accident. Many accidents involving trucks happen because of causes like holes in tires, faulty brakes, and other issues. Drivers are also responsible for making sure that their cargo is secured properly and is within weight restrictions.

Experienced Drivers 

Another significant part of truck safety are the qualifications of truck drivers. Trucking companies are responsible for doing in-depth employment background checks to make sure that their drivers have enough experience operating a truck, which requires a specialized license. Drivers should also have enough driving knowledge and experience because trucks are difficult to drive.

Alert and Cautious Drivers 

In addition to driving skills and experience, truck drivers need to be getting enough rest and sleep so that they can drive a truck safely, especially larger ones such as commercial trucks. Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is a common issue that is a contributing factor in many truck collisions. Because they have to spend many hours on the road, some truck drivers depend on alcohol and drugs to make sure they stay awake. However, this only increases the risk of an accident happening. 

Upholding truck safety standards require a collaborative effort from various agencies and parties. If you have been in an accident involving trucks, do not wait to get legal help. For more information about California truck accident laws and other pertinent legal information, turn to a lawyer like one from Truck Law. They can tell you about how to best navigate a truck accident case, so schedule a consultation right now to obtain the legal assistance you need to take next steps. There are affordable and high-quality legal services available for you. Set up a consultation so that you can receive the legal assistance that you deserve.